Monday, January 4, 2010

Medical Abbreviations (K L M)- Useful for Coding and Transcription

K, potassium.
KA, ketoacidosis.
KASS, Kaneda anterior spinal/scoliosis system.
kb, kilobases (1kb = 1000 nucleic acid bases).
KB, knee bearing amputation.
kcal, kilocalorie (food calorie).
KCl, potassium chloride.
KCS, keratoconjunctivitis sicca.
KD, knee disarticulation.
KEE, Klebsiella spp., E.coli, and Enterobacter soo., the lactose fermentation bacteria that are most commonly isloated from urine.
KFD, Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease.
KFH, Kaiser Foundation Hospital.
KFH, killifish.
KFH, King Fahad Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
KFT, kidney function test.
kg, kilogram.
KGS(17-), 17-ketogenic steroids.
KI, Karolinska Institut (Musculoskeletal Diseases).
KI, potassium iodide.
Ki-67, proliferation index.
KIA, Kliger iron agar.
KID syndrome, keratitis, ichthyosis, and deafness.
KJ, knee-jerk.
KK, knee kick.
KLS, kidney, liver, spleen.
KO, keep open.
KOH, potasium hydroxide.
KR, keratinocytes.
KS(17-), 17-ketosteroids.
KS, Knee Society (AAOS Specialty Societies).
KUB, kidneys, ureters, and bladder.
KVO, keep veins open.
K-wire, Kirschner wire.

L&A, light and accommodation.
L&D, labor and delivery.
L&H, lungs and heart.
L&S, liver and spleen.
L&W, living and well.
L, Lactobacillus.
L, lambda.
L, latex.
L, Latin.
L, left.
L, Legionella.
L, Leishmania.
L, length.
L, lente insulin.
L, lethal.
L, leucine.
L, levo-.
L, lidocaine.
L, ligament.
L, light.
L, lingual.
L, Listeria.
L, liter.
L, liver.
L, low.
L, lower.
L, lumbar.
L, luminance.
L, lymph.
L, lymphatic invasion.
L, lymphocyte.
L, outer membrane layer of cell wall of gram-negative bacteria (layer).
L, pound.
L, syphilis (Latin lues).
L/S, lecithin/shingomyelin ratio.
L1 - L5, Lumbar vertebrae 1 - 5 (spine e.g. L1 = 1st lumbar vertebra).
LA, left atrium.
LA, linoleic acid.
LA, local anesthesia.
Lac, laceration.
LAC, long arm cast.
LAD, left anterior descending (coronary artery).
LAD, left axis deviation.
LAD, leukocyte adhesion deficiency.
LAD, ligament augmentation device.
LAD, linoleic acid-deficient.
LAD, low-alcohol-drinking.
LADD, laparoscopic appendectomy and duodenocolonic dissociation.
LADDs, lifetime average daily doses.
LADDs, liquid automatic dishwashing detergents.
Ladd's, syndrome, intestinal obstruction from peritoneal bands.
LAE, long above elbow (cast).
LAH, left atrial hypertrophy.
LAM, laminectomy.
LAM-1, L-selectin adhesion molecule (on leukocytes).
LANC, long arm navicular cast.
lap chole, laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
LAP, left atrial pressure.
LAP, leukocyte alkaline phosphatase.
lap., laparotomy.
LAR, linoleic acid-rich.
LASIK, laser in-situ keratomileusis.
LAT, lateral (view in x-rays).
lat. flap , latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction.
lat., lateral.
LATS, long-acting thyroid stimulator.
LB, large bowel.
LB, Lewy body.
LB, Lyme borreliosis.
lb., pound.
LBB, low back bending.
LBBB, left bundle branch block.
LBCD, left border of cardiac dullness
LBD, Lewy body dementia.
LBL, lecture-based learning.
LBL, lymphoblastic lymphoma.
LBM, lean body mass.
LBO, large bowel obstruction.
LBO, lower body obesity.
LBP, low back pain.
LBP, low blood pressure.
LBT, low back tenderness.
LC, Langerhans' cells.
LC, lymphocyte corona.
LC50, lethal concentration 50%.
LCA, lateral costal artery (branch of internal mammary artery).
LCA, left coronary artery.
LCA, leukocyte common antigen.
LCDCP, limited/low-contact dynamic compression plate.
LCE, leg cycle ergometer.
LCEA, latency corrected ensemble average.
LCEA, lung carcinoma expressed antigens.
LCH, Langerhans cell histiocytocis.
LCIS, lobular carcinoma in situ (breast carcinoma).
LCL, lateral collateral ligament.
LCM, left costal margin.
LCNEC, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma.
LCSW, licensed clinical social worker.
LCTA, lungs clear to auscultation.
LD, luminance-defined.
LD100, lethal dose 100 %.
LDF, laser Doppler flowmetry.
LDGS, life-death growth standard.
LDH, lactic dehydrogenase.
LDL cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.
LDL, low density lipoprotein.
LDM, lipoatrophic diabetes mellitus.
LDP, lumbo-dorsal pain.
LDRP, Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum.
LDW, low-dose warfarin.
LE, left eye.
LE, lower extremity.
LE, lupus erythematosis.
LEE, locus of enterocyte effacement.
LEL, lowest effect level.
LES, lower esophageal sphincter.
LF, left foot; linear fracture; low frequency.
LFA, left forearm.
LFA, lymphocyte function-associated antigen.
LFA-1, lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1.
LFB, Luxol fast blue.
LFLA, antilactoferrin latex bead agglutination test.
LFT, liver function tests.
lg, large.
LGA, large-for-gestational age.
LG-ABN, licking/grooming and arched-back nursing.
LGB, lateral geniculate body.
LGI, (see GI) lower gastro-intestinal tract.
LGV, lymphogranuloma venereum.
LH, luteotropic hormone.
LHG, left hand grip.
LHRH, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone.
LHS, left hand side.
LIc, lacunar ictus.
LIC, left iliac crest.
LIMA, left internal mammary artery.
LIP, lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis.
LIQ, left inner quadrant.
LIR, left iliac region.
LIS, laboratory information system.
LK, left kidney.
LKS, liver, kidney, spleen.
LL, left lateral.
LL, left leg.
LL, left lower.
LL, left lung.
LLB, left lateral bending; long leg brace.
LLC, long leg cast.
LLCC, long leg cylinder cast.
LLD, leg length discrepancy.
LLE, left lower extremity.
LLF, left lateral flexion; left little finger.
LLL, left lower leg; left lower lid.
LLL, lower left lobe (lung).
LLN, lower limit of normal.
LLQ, lower left quadrant (abdomen).
LLR, left lumbar region.
LLS, long leg splint.
LLWC, long leg walking cast.
LLX, left lower extremity.
LM, lentigo maligna.
LMD, left midline deviation; local medical doctor
LMM, lentigo maligna melanoma.
LMN, lower motor neuron (signs).
LMO, local medical officer.
LMP, last menstrual period.
LMWH, low molecular weight heparin.
LN, lupus nephritis.
LN, lymph node.
LOA, left occipitoanterior.
lob , lobular.
LOC, level of care.
LOC, level of consciousness (in Glasgow Coma Scale).
LOC, loss of consciousness.
LOD, limit of detection.
LOD, loss on drying.
LOH, loss of heterozygosity.
LOM, left otitis media; limitation of movement; loss of movement.
LOQ, left outer quadrant.
LOQ, limit of quantification.
LOS, length of stay.
LOS, lipooligosaccaride (endotoxin virulence factor of N. gonorrhoeae).
LOS, loss of sight.
LOT, left occiput transverse.
LOT, ligament of Treitz.
LP, light perception.
LP, lumbar puncture.
LPA, left pulmonary artery.
lpcAB, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) core AB cluster genes.
lpcC, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) core C gene.
LPCC, liver primary cell cultures.
LPD, luteal phase defect.
lpf, low power field.
LPL, lipoprotein lipase.
LPLK, lichen planus-like keratosis.
LPN, licensed practical nurse.
LPS, lipopolysaccharides.
LQ, lower quadrant.
LQTS, long QT syndrome.
LR, lactated Ringer's solution.
LREC, Local Research Ethics Committee (UK).
LRF, Leukaemia Research Fund (UK).
LRFA, Lymphoma Research Foundation of America.
LRQ, lower right quadrant.
LRT, lower respiratory tract.
LRTI, ligament reconstruction tendon interposition (procedure).
LRTI, lower respiratory tract infection.
LS, left side.
LS, liver and spleen.
LS, lumbar spine.
LS, lumbosacral.
LSA, left sacrum anterior.
LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide.
LSF, lateral spread of freeze (of a cryosurgical iceball).
LSIL, low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion.
LSK, liver, spleen, kidney.
LSMFT, liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor.
LSN, lateral spinal nucleus.
LSP, left sacrum posterior.
LSP, lumbar spine.
LSS,lumbar spinal stenosis.
LT, lunotriquetral.
Lt., left.
LTB4, leukotriene B4.
LTC, long term care.
LTCF, long term care facility.
ltd., limited.
LTK, laser thermokeratoplasty.
LTR, long terminal repeats.
LTR, lower trunk rotation.
LUA, left upper arm.
LUE, left upper extremity.
LUL, left upper lobe (lung).
LULA, laparoscopy under local anesthesia.
LUOQ, left upper outer quadrant.
LUP, specimen lipemic, unable to perform.
LUQ, left upper quadrant (abdomen).
LV, left ventricle.
LVAS, left ventricular assist system.
LVEDP, LV end-diastolic pressure.
LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction.
LVF, left ventricular failure.
LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy.
LVSEM, low-voltage scanning electron microscopy.
LVSF, left ventricular shortening fraction.
LW, Large White (pig).
LX, lower extremity.
LYMP, lymphocyte
LyP, lymphomatoid papulosis.
LYS, life years saved.
Lytes, electrolytes.
LZT, low zone tolerance.

8-MOP, 8-methoxypsoralen.
M&F, mother and father.
M&M, Morbidity/Mortality.
M, distant metastasis.
M, male.
M, medulla.
m, meter, minim.
M, meter.
M, methionine.
M, Molar.
M, monocytes.
m, multiple tumors.
M.N., mononuclear lymphocytes.
M.S.U., midstream urine; monitored stroke unit.
M/H, medical history.
M0, metastases absent.
M1, metastases present.
M30, antibody against epitope 387-396 AA of cytokeratin.
MA, marketing authorization.
MA, Master of Arts.
MA, medial amygdala.
MA, medical advisor.
MA, medical authorization.
MA, mental age.
MA, moderately advanced.
MA, muscle activity.
MAbs, maternal derived antibodies.
MAC, macerated.
MAC, maximum allowable concentration.
MAC, membrane attack complex.
MAC, minimum alveolar concentration.
MAC, Mycobacterium avium complex.
MACE, major adverse clinical event.
MACOP-B, methotrexate, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone, bleomycin.
MAE, major arrhythmic events.
MAE, median absolute error.
MAE, medical air evacuation.
MAE, medication administration errors.
MAE, microwave-assisted extraction.
MAE, motion aftereffect.
MAE, moves all extremities.
MAE, murine aortic endothelial cells.
MAE, myoclonic absence epilepsy.
MAE, myoclonic-astatic epilepsy.
MAG, myelin-associated glycoprotein.
MAHA, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia.
MAIGA, monoclonal antibody immobilization of granulocyte antigens.
MAJ, major; majority.
MAL, malignant.
MAL, middle axillary line.
MALT, mucosa associated lymphoid tissue.
mammo , mammogram.
MANe, Argosy's Manhattan II, experimentally modified.
MANE, The Morrow Assessment of Nausea and Emesis.
MANOVA, multivariate analysis of variance.
MAO, maximal acid output.
MAO, monoamine oxidase.
MAOI, monoamine oxidase inhibitor.
MAP, mean arterial pressure.
MAPSS, multi angle polarised scatter separation.
MARCM, mosaic analysis with a repressible cell marker.
MAS, manifest anxiety scale.
MAS, meconium aspiration syndrome.
MAS, meconium aspiration.
MASS, massage; massive.
MAST, military antishock trousers.
MAT, maternal.
MAX, maxilla; maximal; maximum.
MB ChB, Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (UK).
MB, muscle balance.
m-BACOD, methotrexate, bleomycin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, dexamethasone.
MBC, maximum breathing capacity.
MBC, minimum bactericidal concentration.
mbcr, minor breakpoint cluster region.
MBH, maximum benefit from hospitalization.
MBP, major basic protein.
MBP, myelin basic protein.
MBPC, knee arthroplasty with metal-backed patellar components.
MBs, Mallory bodies.
MBS, Marie-Bamberger syndrome.
MBs, medulloblastomas.
MBs, melanoblastoma.
MBS, modified barium swallow test.
MBs, molecular beacons.
MBs, mushroom bodies.
MBS, myosin-binding subunit.
MC, mast cells.
MCA, Medicines Control Agency.
MCA, multiple correspondence analysis.
McAb, monoclonal antibodies.
MCAO, middle cerebral artery occlusion.
mCE, monomeric carboxylesterases.
MCF, monocyte chemotactic factor.
mcg, µg, microgram.
MCH, mean corpuscular hemoglobin.
MCHC, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration.
MCI, mandibular cortical index.
mCi, millicurie.
MCI-154, a cardiac Ca2+ sensitizer.
MCI-186, a newly-developed free radical scavenger.
MCI-2016, bifemelane hydrochloride.
MCI-225, a new selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor with 5-HT3 receptor blocking action.
MCL, mantle cell lymphoma.
MCL, mast cell leukemia.
MCL, midclavicular line.
MCP, metacarpophalangeal joint.
MCP-1, monocyte chemoattractant protein.
MCS, mast cell sarcoma.
MCS, master cell stock.
MCS, motor conduction studies.
MCTD, mixed connective tissue disease.
MCU, medical care utilization.
MCV, mean corpuscular/cell volume (a parameter of red blood cells).
MD, medialis dorsalis.
MD, Medical Doctor.
MD, muscular dystrophy; motion-defined.
MDA, 4,4'-methylenedianiline.
MDA, maternal derived antibodies.
MDA, Medical Devices Agency (UK).
MDA, mouse diaphragm assay.
MDC, minimum detectable concentration.
MDD, Medical Devices Directorate (UK).
MDDE, 1,1-dichloro-2,2-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)ethene.
MDDe, major depressive disorders, endogenous.
MDGCR, minimal DiGeorge critical region
MDI, meter-dose inhaler.
MDII, multiple daily insulin injections.
MDM-2, mouse double minute protein.
MDR, multi drug resistant.
MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome.
MDS/MPS, myelodysplastic/myelproliferative syndromes.
MDV, Marek disease virus.
MDV, multiple dose vial.
ME, medical examiner.
ME, middle ear.
MEC, medical ethical committee.
MEC, mitoxantrone, etoposide and Ara-C regimen.
MEC, mitoxantrone, etoposide and Ara-C regimen.
MED, minimum effective dose; medial.
MEDFLAG, Military Medical Exercise.
MEDLARS, medical literature analysis and retrieval system.
Meds, medication.
MEF, maximal expiratory flow.
MEFR, maximal expiratory flow rate.
MEH, medical eye history.
MEIA, microparticle enzyme immunoassay.
MEKO, methyl ethyl ketone.
MEL, melanoma.
MEN I, multiple endocrine neoplasia (1.pituitary; 2.parathyroids; 3.pancreas).
MEN II, multiple endocrine neoplasia (1.thyroid; 2.parathyroids; 3.adrenals).
MEP, motor evoked potentials.
mEq, milliequivalent.
mEq/L, milliequivalents per liter.
MES, microembolic signals.
MESA, myoepithelial sialoadenitis.
MET, methamphetamine.
Met, methionine.
mets, metastases.
MF, marrow fibrosis, myelofibrosis.
MF/MM, myelofibrosis/myeloid metaplasia.
MFD, midforceps delivery; minimum fatal dose.
MFT, muscle function test.
MFU, medical follow up.
MFV, maximum flow velocities.
MFW, multiple fragment wounds.
Mg, Magnesium.
mg, milligram - 0.001 gram.
MG, muscle group.
MG, myasthenia gravis.
MGB, malachite green brucellae medium.
MGB, medial geniculate body.
MGB, Michaelis-Gutmann body.
MGB, micropouch" gastric bypass.
MGB, minor groove binder.
MGB, monoglucuronosyl bilirubin.
MGB, myoglobin.
MgCl2, magnesium chloride.
MGCT, malignant granular cell tumor.
MgD, magnesium-deficient.
MGD, mammary gland density.
MGD, mean glandular dose.
MGd, medial geniculate body dorsal.
MGD, meibomian gland disease.
MGD, mixed gonadal dysgenesis.
MGD, mixed gonadal dysgenesis.
MGD, Modulation gap detection.
MGD, molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide.
MGD, monogalactosyl diacylglycerol.
MGD, monolayer growth defect.
MGD, Mouse Genome Database.
MGD, multiglandular disease.
MGD-1, Mediterranean mussel defensin.
MGD1, Mytilus galloprovincialis defensin 1.
MGD-Fe, N-methyl-D-glucamine dithiocarbamate/ferrous sulfate mixture.
MGF, maternal grandfather.
MGG, May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain.
MGGM, maternal great grandfather.
MGUS, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.
MGv, medial geniculate body ventral.
MH, marital history.
MH, medical history.
MH, mental health.
MHA, May-Hegglin anomaly.
MHAM, Mueller-Hinton agar medium.
MHB, maximum hospital benefit.
MHC, major histocompatibility complex (see HLA).
MHPG, 3-methoxy-4-hydrophenylglycol.
MHR, maximal heart rate.
MI, mental foramen.
MI, mental illness.
mi, microphtalmia gene.
MI, mitral insufficiency.
MI, myocardial infarction.
MIA, medically indigent adults.
MIA, missing in action.
MIA, multi-institutional arrangements.
MIB1, antibody against Ki-67 (a proliferating marker).
mIBG, Radioactive Iodine Metaidobenzoguanidine (mIBG scans or mIBG therapy).
MIBI, (99mTc-MIBI or setamibi) Technetium-99m 2-methoxyisobutylisonitrile.
MIBI, methoxyisobutylisonitrile( as in 99mTc-MIBI or setamibi = Technetium-99m 2-methoxyisobutylisonitrile).
MIC, expressed as or volume percentage (
MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration of an antibacterial drug.
MICE, Medical Insurance Claim Examiner.
MICU, mobile intensive care unit.
MID, maximum inhibitory dilution.
MID, mesioincisodistal.
MID, minimum infective dose.
MID, minimum inhibitory dose.
MID, minimum irradiation dose.
MID, multi-infarct dementia.
MID, multiple ion detection.
MIDCAB, minimally invasive directed coronary bypass.
MIDD, renal monoclonal immunoglobulin deposition disease.
MIF, maximal inspiratory flow.
MIFR, maximal inspiratory flow rate.
MIH, maturation-inducing hormone.
MIH, medication-induced headache.
MIH, molt-inhibiting hormone.
MIH, mullerian inhibiting hormone.
MIH, myointimal hyperplasia.
MIN, mammary intraepithelial neoplasia.
MIN, minimal; minor.
min., minimum, minutes.
MIP, maximum intensity projection.
MIRL, membrane ingibitor of reactive lysis (CD59).
MIS, maximal isometric strength.
MIS, melanoma in situ.
MIS, minimal incision surgery.
MIS, minimally invasive surgery.
MISS, minimally invasive spinal surgery.
MIT, monoiodotyrosine.
Mitf, microphtalmia transcription factor.
MIV, impurities and volatile matter.
MIV, major injury vector.
MIV, major interspecific variant.
MIV, maternal intravenous administration.
MIV, mature intermediate villi.
Miv, matured in vitro.
MIV, maximal isocapnic ventilation.
MIV, maximization of interclass variance.
MIV, maximum increase value.
MIV, mean integrated voltage.
MIV, mean number of infective vector.
MiV, Miltenberger class V-like molecule (a human glycophorin variant).
MIV, minimal inhibitory volumes.
MIV, minimum immobilizing viscosity.
MIV, mitoxantrone, ifosfamide, and etoposide (chemotherapy).
Miv, mitral valve.
MIV, mivacurium.
MIV, Mivazerol.
MIV, mosquito iridescent virus.
MIV, multivalent influenza vaccine.
Miv-CC, mMicrohodotermes viator corpus cardiacum peptide.
MK, marked.
MK, megakaryocyte.
MKV, measles, killed vaccine.
ML, maximum to left.
ML, midline.
ml, milliliter 0.001 liter.
MLAT, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.
MLC, minimum lethal concentration.
MLD, minimum lethal dose.
MLD, minimum lumen diameter.
MLE, mariner-like elements.
MLMP, mucinous tumor of low malignant potential.
MLO, mediolateral oblique.
MLR, mixed lymphocyte reaction.
MLU, mean length of utterance (a standard by which speech development is measured).
ML-VRI, mandibular lingual vertical releasing incisions.
mm Hg, millimeters of Mercury
MM, malignant melanoma.
mm, millimeter - 0.001 meters.
mM, millimole.
MM, mucous membrane.
MM, multiple myeloma.
MM, murmur.
MM, muscle mass.
MM, muscles.
MMA syndrome, metritis-mastitis-agalactia syndrome.
MMA, marketing authorization application.
MMA, mastitis, metritis, agalactia.
MMA, medical management analysis.
MMA, medical materials account.
MMA, methyl methacrylate.
MMA, methylmalonic acid.
MMA, middle meningeal artery.
MMA, minor morphologic aberration.
MMA, mono-methyladenosine.
MMA, multiple module access.
MMAAP, monomethylaminoantipyrine.
MMEFR, maximum mid expiratory flow rate.
MMF, maximal midexpiratory flow.
MMFR, maximal midexpiratory flow rate.
MMG, mechanomyography.
MMI, maximum medical improvement.
MMI, methimazole.
MMMT, malignant mixed mesodermal tumor.
MMP, matrix metalloproteinase.
MMPI, Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory.
MMR, live, attenuated measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.
MMS, Mohs micrographic surgery.
MMSE, mini-mental state examination.
MMST, muscle strength.
MMT, manual muscle test.
MMTS, maximum mean total score.
MMTS, methylmethanethiosulfonate.
MN, malignant neoplasm.
MND, dementia with motor neuron disease.
MNJ, 1-deoxymannojirimycin.
MNJ, myoneural junction (disease).
mo, month.
MOC, maintenance of certification.
MOD, medical officer of day; moderate.
MOD, moderate.
MODEMS, Musculoskeletal Outcomes Data Evaluation and Management System.
MOI, mechanism of injury.
mol wt, molecular weight.
MOL, more or less.
MOM, milk of magnesia
mono, monocytes.
MOP, methoxypsoralen.
MOPP, mechlorethamine, vincristine (Oncovin), procarbazine, and prednisone (combination of drugs used for treatment of Hodgkin’s disease).
mOsm, milliosmole.
MP(6-), 6-mercaptopurine (anti cancer drug).
MP, melphalan and prednisone.
MP, menstrual period.
MP, metacarpal phalangeal (also MCP).
MP, metatarsalphalangeal joint.
MPA, medroxyprogesterone acetate.
MPA, microscopic polyangiitis.
MPC, maximum permissible concentration.
MPC, mucopurulent cervicitis.
MPCM, maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis.
MPD, (chronic) myeloproliferative disorder.
MPD, maximum permissible dose.
MPD, myeloproliferative disorders.
MPF, maturation-promoting factor.
MPGN, membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis.
MPH, midparental height.
MPK, Minipig Kidney cell line.
MPL, Maclura pomifera.
MPL, mouse potency level.
MPO, Medical and Pediatric Oncology (journal).
MPO, myeloperoxidase.
MPOA, medial preoptic area.
MPP, multipurpose phantoms.
MPS, mononuclear phagocyte system.
MPS, myeloproliferative syndromes.
M-PST, monoamine-sulfating form of sulfotransferases.
MPT, mean peripheral temperature.
MPT, mechanical pain threshold.
MPT, mechanical pressure therapy.
MPT, Methylphenidate treatment.
MPT, modified physiotherapy.
mPT, mutant pertussis toxin.
MPTP, 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,4,6-tetrahydropyridine, a synthetic narcotic related to meperidine that selectively destroys dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra (considered a "designer drug").
MPV, mean platelet volume.
MPXI, neutrophil myeloperoxidase activity.
MR, maximum to right.
MR, mental retardation.
MR, mitral regurgitation.
MR, mutual recognition.
MRA, magnetic resonance angiography.
MRA, mycoplasma removal agent.
MRC, Medical Research Council (UK).
MRCAS, (Center for) Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery.
MRCGP, membership examination of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
MRD, Medical Records Department.
MREC, Multi-center Research Ethics Committee (UK).
MRG, murmurs, rubs or gallops.
MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.
MRKH, Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome.
MRL, maximum residual limits.
MRM , Modified Radical Mastectomy.
MRN, magnetic resonance neurography.
mRNA, messenger RNA.
MRSA, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
MRT, mean residence time.
MRV, magnetic resonance venography.
MS, medical student.
MS, minor surgery.
MS, mitral stenosis.
MS, morphine sulfate.
MS, multiple sclerosis.
MSAFP, maternal serum a -fetoprotein.
MSCT, Multi-Slice CT (scan).
MSDS, material safety data sheet.
MSF, Médecins Sans Frontières.
MSG, monosodium glutamate, a food additive causing neuronal necrosis in mice, in high doses.
MSH, melanocyte-stimulating hormone.
MSL, midsternal line.
MSLT, multiple sleep latency test.
MSM or DMS, methylsulfonylmethane or dimethylsulfone (CH3SO2CH3).
MSO4, morphine sulfate.
MSOA, Missouri State Orthopaedic Association.
MSP, methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction.
MSSE, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.
MSSU, mid stream specimen urine.
MST, mean survival time.
MST, morphine sulfate tablets.
MSTI, multiple soft tissue injuries.
MSU, midstream specimen of urine.
MSU, monosodium urate.
MSV, master seed virus.
MSW, Mallory-Weiss syndrome.
MSW, Master in Social Work.
MSW, municipal solid waste.
MT, manual traction; maximal therapy; more than; muscles and tendons; muscle test.
MTAL, medullary thick ascending limb.
MTBI, mild traumatic brain injury.
MTD, maximum tolerated dose - phase 1 studies.
MTP, metatarsal-phalangeal.
MTR, magnetization transfer ratio.
MTR, masses, tenderness, rebound.
MTRG, masses, tenderness, rebound, guarding.
MTS, Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (AAOS Specialty Societies).
MTSS, medial tibial stress syndrome.
MTX, methotrexate (anti cancer drug).
MUA, manipulation under anaesthesia.
MUA, medically underserved area.
MUD, matched unrelated donor - for bone marrow transplant.
MUG, 4-methylumbellyferyl-*-D-glucuronide.
MUGA, multigated acquisition (scanning).
MUO, myocardiopathy of unknown origin.
MUP, maximum urethral pressure.
MUP, mouse urinary protein.
MUS, muscle.
MUSOC, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society.
MV, medial vestibular nucleus.
MV, mitral valve.
MVA, motor vehicle accident.
MVA, motor vehicle accident.
M-VAC, methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin, cisplatin.
MVc, caudal part of the medial vestibular nucleus.
MVC, maximum voluntary contraction.
MVC, methotrexate, vinblastine and cisplatin.
MVC, microvascular cells.
MVC, microvessel count.
MVC, microvillar cells (in the olfactory epithelium).
MVC, minute virus of canines.
MVC, motor vehicle collision/crash.
MVMT, movement.
MVP, mitral valve prolaps.
MVR, mitral valve replacement
MVV, maximum volume ventilation; maximum voluntary ventilation.
MW, Megawatt.
MW, molecular weight.
Mx, metastases unknown.
MX, metastasis cannot be, or has not been, assessed.
MYH11, smooth muscle myosin heavy chain (gene 16p13).
myop., myopia.
MZ, marginal zone.
MZL, mantle zone lymphoma.
MZPC, mezlocillin.

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